How to Possibly Cover Those Fixed Expenses

30 Dec

Even the best experts can’t predict how certain investments will perform or the income that you’ll see from them.

Nevertheless, you might need a set amount of money each month to pay non-discretionary expenses like mortgage payments, auto loans, and life insurance premiums. Frequently these monthly outlays are fixed for a number of years.

To pay these predictable expenses, you may want to consider a fixed, immediate annuity to provide a steady stream of income for your lifetime, your spouse’s lifetime, or the duration of the loan.  And if you don’t like paying taxes, you may like the idea that part of that regular check from an immediate annuity is a tax-free return of your investment.  If you find comfort from social security check, having the fixed income stream from a lifetime immediate annuity is quite similar.

But what about expenses that you will always have and most likely will go up each year, such as real estate taxes, auto insurance, or homeowner’s premiums? Some immediate annuities offer several options to meet your future needs too, including an inflation protection rider that will let your income rise annually.

Ability to make payments based on claims-paying ability of Annuity Company. Not government backed or FDIC insured.  Exact provisions of inflation rider may vary among annuity companies and may not be available on many annuities. Additional riders are subject to additional fees and charges.
For a free illustration of how a fixed, immediate annuity can provide that money you need to meet your monthly obligations, use the immediate annuity calculator.

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