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17 May

annuity rateHere are some valuable and useful sources for annuity rates in this post.  If you go looking for “annuity rates,” you will come across mostly sites that require you to enter your personal information.  You will then get called by 4 insurance people trying to sell you an annuity.  Would you like to get current annuity rates and avoid that?  Here are sites that show you the annuity quotes without the need to complete any on-line form or get any calls.

Note that you need to understand different types of annuities and how they work or else these annuity uotes won’t be of much value to you.  You cannot buy directly from the annuity company anyway–almost all annuities must be purchased through an annuity agent.

“CD-Type” or “Multi-year Guarantee” Annuity Rates

These first sites list what are called “CD Type” annuity rates or “multi-year guarantee” annuity rates. These annuities guarantee a fixed rate for a period of years, typically anywhere from 3 to 10 years. The typical fixed annuity or deferred annuity, that is not of this multi-year guarantee variety,  has a rate that changes annually so you never know what you will get after the first year.

“CD Type” Annuity Rates

Immediate Annuity Rates

This next site is a quote engine for immediate annuities.  It supposedly averages the payment you will get from 16 companies on an immediate annuity.  So whatever answer you get, because this is an average and not the best rate, you can do better. Comparative Annuity Reports, in the past, has listed the top immediate annuity rate in the US on their site.

Equity-Index Annuity Rates

Agent Sites listing Annuity Rates

These following sites are hidden in that you will never find them searching for annuity rates.  These are sites for annuity agents, those that sell annuities: (scroll down to see rates) various (see links under “straight to the rate”)

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  1. I know that feeling and in the end you’ve bought something you really don’t need. Best is to use the above sites. Thank you.

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